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Available Add-ons
Available Add-ons
 ITCrete in Partnership with Interworks Cloud VPS

ITCrete in Partnership with Interworks Cloud VPSs are virtualized on-demand servers, designed to behave just like physical servers, so they are a breeze to work with.  


A Cloud Virtual Private Server is the quickest and most cost-effective way to get your websites and applications online. All sorts of sites and apps are supported, such as blogs, e-shops, business applications and even more demanding, database-driven ones. Interworks Cloud VPS solutions offer developers, designers and businesses the required performance, stability and scalability to successfully run their websites and applications.


Best suited for:

Companies that need to start out quickly on a conservative budget, yet, retain full flexibility of scaling up, as future needs grow.

Why Interworks VPS:

Ready within 15’ upon ordering. Day or night.

Interworks VPS’ resources are pre-allocated to each different virtual machine, providing the ultimate value-for-money for the resources utilized.
Full root or admin access allows you total control and the ability to install any advanced software desired, to completely customize your hosting environment.
Backed by a 99.9% uptime guarantee SLA, Interworks Data Center’s ISO 27001:2013  certification for providing IaaS, PaaS and SaaS services through its multiple gigabit fiber optics internet connections, guarantees a safe and secure way for your business to grow.

Interworks provides you the ultimate flexibility in instantly increasing or decreasing your VPS’ resources, so that you always operate on peak performance at the optimal cost possible.
  Because hundreds of companies trust Interworks as a reliable partner for their hosting needs.

Interworks is a proud Microsoft Silver Hosting Partner and an HP Preferred Partner. Not all Cloud service providers are. This should matter to you.


   Min configuration: Max: The Interworks advantage:

CPU cores

1 4 True dedicated resources


1 8

Storage (GB)

20 512


800 1200

Public IP

1 IPv4

10 IPv4   



 2 TB (included) Unlimited



100 Mbps

No cutoff under any circumstances! 


Operating System

CentOS 6.5

CentOS 7.1

cPanel on CentOS 7*

Oracle Linux 6.5

Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard

Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard

Windows Server 2012 Standard


*cPanel trial can be upgraded to registered version at extra cost.



Support Options

Via email and web (included)

Upgradeable to 24x7 phone support

This is what we’re REALLY good at!

Admin Features:
Root AccessYes
Start serverYes
Pause server
Reset server (hard reset)Yes
Reboot server (graceful restart)

Available add-ons:

CPU Cores

These extra resources can be purchased directly through your VPS subscription, to be found in the billing section of the Marketplace (after login).

Provisioning is automatic and occurs upon completion of your order. Please note: your VPS will be automatically restarted to adjust resources.

Storage (GB)
Public IP

The Extra IP and VPS Antivirus add-ons can be purchased directly through the Marketplace.

Provisioning is handled manually by Interworks, within 1 business day.

Operating systems
Monitoring and Management
Service Levels
Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1Windows Server 2012 R2       Windows Server 2012 

Oracle Linux 6.5 CentOS 6.5  CentOS 7.1

For other Operating Systems or versions not included, please contact us

Support Options
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This is the image of the product with name Extra 1 TB traffic / month (prepaid/recurring)
Extra 1 TB traffic / month (prepaid/recurring)
Get an extra TB of traffic/month at a low rate!
This is the image of the product with name VPS Extra 1 GB RAM
VPS Extra 1 GB RAM
This is the image of the product with name VPS Extra 10 GB Storage
VPS Extra 10 GB Storage
This is the image of the product with name VPS Extra 400 IOPS
VPS Extra 400 IOPS
This is the image of the product with name VPS Extra CPU Core
VPS Extra CPU Core
This is the image of the product with name VPS Extra IP address
VPS Extra IP address