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Available Add-ons

Logo Title Description
CPU core
Add extra CPUs to your Cloud Data Center
Extra 1 TB traffic / month (prepaid/recurring)
Get an extra TB of traffic/month at a low rate!
IOPS (400)
Add IOPS to your Cloud Data Center
IP Address
Buy additional IPs for your Cloud Data Center
Managed Firewall
A managed dedicated firewall for your Cloud Infrastructure
Add GBs of RAM to your Cloud Data Center
Storage (10GB)
Add GBs of Storage to your Cloud Data Center




ITCrete in "Partnership with Interworks" Cloud Data Center is our IaaS offering for creating and managing private and public clouds. Virtual data centers enable users to easily create and provision instances of Virtual Machines using flexible resource allocation according to the user actual needs.


Create a dedicated private network

Users are considered independent tenants with their own private infrastructure. Each user is assigned an isolated class-C private network. A dedicated Cloud Gateway is automatically provisioned during tenant initialization and provides connectivity between the underlying Cloud Data Center network and external networks. Cloud Gateway can be upgraded to provide more advanced network services, such as Firewall NAT/Access rules, load balancing and VPN connectivity to an on premise infrastructure


Manage your entire Infrastructure

The entire Cloud Data Center infrastructure can be managed through a simple and easy to use interface (Workspace) integrated into the same Storefront portal that users access to manage their orders, subscriptions and support tickets. From a single pane of view, users are able to perform basic administrative tasks (such as restart or shutdown a cloud server, take snapshots, reset the administrator password, etc.) as well as monitor their cloud server resource usage and performance


Monitor and control your resources

Users can monitor their resources and receive alerts through the integrated Cloud Monitor service that is automatically provisioned and configured for each Cloud Data Center. Cloud Monitor can also be upgraded to provide a separate management portal, allowing a tenant to configure custom monitoring sensors and notification alerts. In addition, advanced employed monitoring mechanisms are constantly recording and analyzing all related hardware and networking activity to ensure that shared resources are not abused by other tenants, thus nearly eliminating the noisy-neighbor effect as well as possible storage congestion issues.

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